Hoodstock 50th Anniversary


Hoodstock 50th Anniversary

Holy Fuck I’m turning 50!!! Come help me celebrate with my Rooster Bredren the year 1969 you only turn 50 once so let’s do it right three days of music and fun. We have brought some Major Talent that all happen to be old friends of mine. WILLIE WALDMAN, STEPHEN PERKINS, CONGO SANCHEZ, DJ MATEO, P-NUCKLE, DJ CAVEM, The world premier of DJ NYC!, DJ RI33Z, XIAN JUAN, KINGDUMB, HARRY MO featuring RAS MOSES+ more TBA

Sun Morning Brunch prepared a la’ Weenie.

Food and drinks on site but feel free to bring your own. Camping is available bring a tent !! Let’s party like it’s 1969!!!

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Organizer of HOODSTOCK 50th Anniversary
Adam Dunn was born in 1969 in Woodstock, NY. Familiarized with all things cannabis from a young age one can say that he was groomed for this industry. At the age of 19 he pursued greener pastures and set sail for Amsterdam. Within a few months he started his dream job at the Hash museum
owned by Sensi Seeds where he could educate himself and others on the myriad of uses of hemp and cannabis. During his time working at the Hash museum he was fortunate to meet all the prominent people in the industry such as Jack Herer, Robert C. Clark, Jorge Cervantes, Ed Rosenthal, just to name a few. After 3 years working for the Hash Museum/Sensi Seeds he was asked to host the 6th annual Cannabis Cup. Adam quit working for Sensi Seeds and together with two friends he started his first company called ‘Cannabis in Amsterdam’ aka C.I.A. They helped create a framework were they separated the seed companies from the coffeeshops and this highly successful formula is still used by High Times Magazine to this day. C.I.A quickly became a hotspot for growers, expats, hemp enthusiasts, and as Robert C. Clark (author of: Marijuana Botany, HASHISH!), once quoted: “The epicenter of the Cannabis universe”. At C.I.A his seed company T.H.Seeds® was born where world famous strains such as Bubblegum, S.A.G.E. ®, Heavy Duty Fruity®, and Chocolate Chunk were developed. In 1995 Hemp Works, Europe’s first dedicated Hemp store was opened.
This gave Adam and his partner the opportunity to start their own in-house clothing label called Hemp HoodLamb®, an independent hemp label offering a broad collection of refreshing hemp gear. With HoodLamb® their main aim was to promote a contra-movement against the mass-production and mass-pollution of the clothing industry and to demonstrate that a solution for sustainable living can be found in hemp. Their main item, the HoodLamb jacket, the sturdiest, warmest and most eco friendly jacket was made even more functional with Adam’s stony savvy features such as built in paper rolling dispenser and secret pockets. With features like that there

is no wonder that this jacket is worn by the biggest stoners in the world such as Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson just to name a few. After 16 years running his businesses in Amsterdam Adam decided to move back home to the US due to the changes in the political climate both in Amsterdam and the US. In March 2011 Adam opened up HoodLab together with his wife and partner Cici, Worlds first 100% HoodLamb store, showroom and art gallery in the Santa Fe art district in Denver CO, one of the most progressive MMJ states in the US.
With the new emerging MMJ market in America Adam now uses his expertise to help people in the industry with industrial growing, breeding, hash production and all other aspects belonging to cannabis production. Advancing the culture since the early 90s, Adam now also propels his own weekly live podcast called “The Adam Dunn Show”, with a cast of colorful guests and outlandish anecdotes from his 25 years trendsetting in the cannabis underground.


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Downtown Loveland22-Jun-201922-Jun-2019

Reggae Pon Da Plaza - A Loveland Sound Community Event

Reggae Pon Da Plaza - A Loveland Sound Community Event

June 22nd, 2019

Loveland Sound's mission is to spread the message of love, community and sound system culture in Northern Colorado. This session we will be featuring a custom built sound system formally known as Zion SoulJahz. Join us for a meditative dance with conscious raising and spiritual uplifting provided by the DJs and sound system.

(Denver, CO - Vishuddha Blue Sound System)
Yahru began his career as a DJ in 2006 in the Denver music scene and worked multiple residencies in some of the best venues in Colorado. His energetic performances made a name for him and elevated him into a prominent entertainer. Yahru El Guru is a visionary who was blending reggae, hip-hop, and electronic music long before others popularized it. His vision of music helped him drive further into the music business creating his own label Beats 4 DJs Records with several sub-labels and signing several artists. He moved to Japan and also developed the label working with several international acts performing regularly in Japan and plunging into the Southeast Asia music scene. Recently returned to the U.S., he continues performing, developing new talent, and furthering the vision of music which transcends entertainment and serves to heal people. This became the Vishuddha Blue Sound System.

The Groove Thief
(Denver, CO - KGNU & Pomegranate Sounds) An American dub and reggae connoisseur previously based out of Hong Kong, The Groove Thief [TGT] is now living in Denver, Colorado, USA. Including the influential Pomegranate club residency (an A/V collaboration with ▶▶△ [Tree-Angles]), TGT promoted hundreds of events featuring local & international artists while in Hong Kong. Here in Colorado with his Pomegranate Hi Fi sound system, he’s organized backyard boogies, guerrilla pop-ups, and sponsored collaborations, plus he’s rapidly becoming a leading American voice celebrating reggae and sound system culture. Beyond his frequent mixes, he’s also a radio host for KGNU on its “Reggae Transfusion” and “Dub Palace” shows; an interviewer and reviewer for NiceUp, his own, as well as other outlets like Dub-Stuy Records and Global Reggae Charts magazine; in addition, he’s a co-founder of the Pomegranate Sounds record label.

DJ Wadada
(Fort Collins, CO)
DJ WADADA brings positive vibrations that move the body and the mind. Specializing in "conscious dubstep" with nuff respect to dub, roots, and all things bass-weight. WADADA started his journey behind the decks in 2013 with Zion Souljahz Soundsystem. There, behind an authentic hand built soundsystem, WADADA (which means love) began spreading the message of love and sound system culture. Good sound. Good Vibes. Strictly no other.

Badbwoy BMC
(Loveland, CO - Loveland Sound)
A champion of global bass music culture, Badbwoy BMC is a presence known throughout American drum and bass, dubstep, and dub sounds for over 20 years. Musically driven by the positive energy of bass music, his live sets contain technical skills gained only by experience while offering musically diverse selections that appeal to both new school and old school heads. Playing a fusion of music in a unique form, Badbwoy BMC has shared vibes with audiences in locations that include festivals, warehouses, beaches, club events, and even the occasional cave. His original production works have been released on numerous music labels.

Roger James Music on the Melodica
Pianist/composer Roger James is a creator of sound forms often referred to as jazz, blues, fusion, and world music.

plus Special Guests

Art Show by : Dion Weichers

No cover & open to the public
Family friendly
Byob & Byo? for grilling

Sponsored by:
Lo Co Artisan Coffee House
544 Cleveland Ave, Loveland, CO

NoCo Studiollc
425 E Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland, CO

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