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  • 5 Emotions That Breed Terrorists

    While watching the news recently, I saw a program that was giving indications on how to look for people who may be recruited into terrorist organizations. It got me thinking about how, although they were focused specifically on groups operating out of the Middle East, there are characteristics in all people that can be exploited. Wouldn't it be better if…

  • Nightlife In Denver Colorado

    If you don't know by now, Denver does it; it's the place to be. With all four seasons, you are always able to find something to do, indoors or outdoors. And when it comes to nightlife, Denver indeed holds its own. Although not originally from Colorado, I've lived here long enough and DJ'ed enough bars and clubs to shoot you…

  • Nightlife In Fukuoka Japan

    A day spent in Fukuoka is a day never forgotten. During the day, your entire family will be thrilled with the bustling commerce, smiling and serious faces, breathtaking mountains, broad and narrow avenues, lively arcades, and beautiful beaches. When the sun goes down, however, this town jumps to life in a whole new way. If you're looking to grab a…

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