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Deep House Compilation Release


“Deep House”

Denver based DJ and label owner Yahru El Guru will release his third compilation Deep House in digital format on 10/27/2017. The album will release on Beats 4 DJs Records, and distribution will be exclusively digital on all music portals like iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, etc. Yahru describes this album as "Going deeper in the overstanding of self.”

Featured artists and Labels::
Not For Me-Above-Circus Beats Records
Saint Sound-Broken Clocks-7C Recordings
Michael Clifford-Dark Control (Mr. Phy Cut Mintek Mix)-Lounge Bazar
DNando Fortunato-You Can't Change (Extended Mix)-Infinity Rec.
Beat Circuit-Micro Mystikal (Samtroy Remix)-Beats 4 Djs Records
Codar-Lost in Dreams-TekknologyMusic
Deep Azur-Sunset Island (Beach Club Mix)-Bikini Sounds Rec.
Tobias Köppel-I Know-21st
Buurman van Dalen-Music Man-Streamin Music
Stradivarius-Steel in the Mood-She's Super
Yahru el Guru-Deep House (Continuous DJ Mix)-Beats 4 Djs Records

Yahru El Guru DJ (aka YEGDJ), was born November 15, 1976, in Walnut Creek, California as William Buchanan. He is a House, Tribal House, Reggae, and Dub-Stepping DJ, who has shared stages and booths with The Wailers, Mad Professor, Collie Buds, DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, and Israel Vibration.



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Deep House Compilation Release